How far we have and haven’t come

A Nov. 7, 2011 Wired Science article:,

Cave Paintings Showed True Colors of Stone Age Horses

Does this send chills down anyone else’s spine?  (1) People were painting horses in a realistic, 3-dimensional form 30,000 years ago. (2) Scientists can date these paintings (3) Scientists have evidence that the paintings were true to life in color as well as form, that is, the painters were painting from life.  What an astounding thing: artists from 1,500 generations ago communicating with scientists today.

You’d think this would put the kibosh on all the talk about cutting funding for the arts, wouldn’t you?


  • Cave paintings fascinate me. I don’t think it’s unusual that people from 30,000 years ago would paint realistic art. What I find interesting is the medium they used that is so precise and has lasted the test of time. Now THAT is interesting!


  • You and Picasso! Are you a painter? You’ve probably seen the quote — after he first saw cave paintings in the 1940’s Picasso reportedly said, “We have invented nothing,” and subsequently his painting style shifted from classical to modernist.


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