Occupy I

Attended a party this week hosted by a warm and generous friend in her beautiful home, packed with friends, love and anticipation of the season.

How-to-draw-a-gingerbread-house, dragoart.com

First thing I did?  Got into a discussion with another guest about politics, even though we know darn good and well we are on opposite sides of the fence.

It was not like this:

"A Terrible Row" - political cartoon by J.W. Bengough, 1900

We cordially covered several topics like health care, economic uncertainty, job prospects for young people.  We danced nimbly, used words calculated to not inflame, feeling for common ground; but we eventually hit a wall.

Poster from http://www.stevealfaro.com/2011/10/organize-online/

She dismissed the Occupiers.

Did I ask her why she didn’t like the movement?  Did I offer why someone might?


I imagined her thinking something like this:

In other words, as soon as her words were out, my insides curled like a salted slug’s.

Slugs v Salt Posted by Jonny D (ludumdare.com)

Defenses went up, judgment came down.  She probably saw compressed lips, probably knew she hit a nerve .

Later I complained to my husband. OK, maybe gossiped is a better word. (To read comic below, click on image, hit back arrow to return)

To read, click on the image. From http://catandgirl.com/?p=477

So it goes.  Two women in enviable circumstances, skimming across the political moat like waterbugs, two people with much to hang on to, tip-toeing around a movement about people with nothing to lose.   It wasn’t the best time or place, but out came the words, which must be just millimeters below the skin, ready to fly off our tongues.

This is a time to think and question, even for friends, even during the holidays.

Shortly after, we made our excuses and moved to the cookie table to sample the feast.

stacyknows.com, a post about dieting during holidays

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