Blogging Education

Are you fumbling around in the blogosphere?

I hear ya.  For me, pulling out my toenails might be easier than managing a blog.

What do you do when struggling with software?

My problems of the moment:

  • How to show “likes” on the home page rather than having to click on “comments” to see them
  • How to show that nice blog award on my home page.  Or should I show it at all?
  • What is CSS?  In English, please.
  • What is HTML, and the difference between HTML, TML and XHTML?
  • Would upgrading to (paying for) a premium template make things easier?
  • Would it be better to buy one of those add-ons (what in the world are they called?) that allow flexibility with altering templates?
  • Is it time to learn to design my own website?

Hoo boy.

I consulted friend and editor Christine Sundt who assured me that my IQ is not the problem: “If you don’t get it, a lot of other people don’t, either.” She insisted I don’t need to hire her.

Here are her web design street creds (she also designs jewelry):

Christine's website:

Her suggestion: check out a site called

I did check it out, and then signed up.

Review: has a great library, is easy to search, and best of all, speaks my language. Cost: $25/month.

(NOTE: Website promotion in this post is just for fun and doesn’t earn me any cash)

Another option:  w3schools, which bills itself as the world’s largest web development site.

Review:  The home page claims it is for beginners and experts.  It really is. Cost: FREE

If “likes” appear on my home page in the near future, voila!  My friend might just be proven right that ANYONE can manage a blog. Looking forward to your tales of victory/horror in blog development and suggestions for more resources.

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