Best Blogs

Where do you go for a good read?

1.  Writers’ Writing 

The Solace of Lowered Expectations,

When readers comment on Barbara Sullivan’s blog, they don’t just say “great blog”, they write volumes.  A “once-a-month field report from the tall psychological grass off to the side of life’s beaten path.” She has this way of saying things that makes you want more. Not a how-to with tips to make you a famous novelist, just life, raw and imperfect, beautifully written.

2. Quick Read: Food facts

Foodimentary,  http//

John-Bryan Hopkins takes the cake, and today the tacos.    Every day he celebrates a National something day (yesterday National Crunchy Tacos day), and embellishes with food-related “things I should have known but didn’t.” For example: “1914 At the National Gallery in London, a suffragette slashed Diego Velázquez’s ‘Rokeby Venus’ with a meat cleaver.” Want to know the history of banana cream pie?  Check March 2.  Five food finds about Sloppy Joes?  March 12.

3. For Cyclists with a Sense of Humor

Bike Snob NYC,

Look hard for the name of the author.  It ain’t there. Says a lot about a guy in this you-must-have-your-name-out-there world.  Of course, it might be protection against retaliation. Bike Snob writes: “I love cycling and embrace it in all its forms, I’m also extremely critical. So I present to you my venting for your amusement and betterment.”  He apologizes for offenses he might cause, with good reason. Nothing is sacred, which makes this site a good antidote for taking things too seriously.  This  guy is funny.  So are the rest of us, which Bike Snob is kind enough to point out.  He’s promoting his second book this week in Washington, D.C.: “THE ENLIGHTENED CYCLIST, Commuter Angst, Dangerous Drivers, and Other Obstacles on the Path to Two-Wheeled Transcendence.” If you’re in the area, he says that he’s happy to deface a copy for you with his signature.

What are your favorite blogs?


  • My family loves tacos.You just gave them an excuse to celebrate and have MORE tacos today. LOL I have a friend on Facebook that finds some food for every day of the year. Who knew every food had its own day of the year? Ha!


  • Not sure if those holiday are John-Bryan’s own, but we’ll take any excuse for tacos, too. Thanks for the visit.


  • I love August McLaughlin’s blog for anything about health, nutrition, and writing. 🙂 For a good laugh, I head over to the MadGayMan’s blog. He’s super entertaining.


  • I like August’s blog, too. Just visited MadGayMan, and couldn’t help myself, launched right into the comment section. Thanks for the tip.


  • Hi Julia!

    Who doesn’t like tacos my friend! And since it’s getting close to lunchtime for me, I’m hungry for tacos thank you very much! LOL! But I will seriously check these blogs out.

    How are you? I did see you visited over at my place and I thank you very much! I am so glad to see you! I also saw the comment you left on August’s blog yesterday and I couldn’t agree more. That’s some scary stuff. And I’ve been exposed to agent Orange. So I know what kind of damage it does.

    Take care Julia and keep writing these wonderful posts! I will come visit again soon girl! 🙂


  • Being a former archaeologist, I adore Gene Lempp’s Designing from the Bones series. Thanks for the intro to Foodimentary, Julia. That’s one of my favorite topics 🙂


  • Thank you. You were an archaeologist, as in past tense? Bet you’re still one in your soul. I checked out Gene Lempp’s blog and immediately bookmarked it. I rely heavily on thinkers who tie together history, myth, writing.


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