10,000 Thank You’s

Sticking my head out of the foxhole to say THANK YOU to 10,000 visitors who’ve stopped by.  This calls for a celebration.

Image source: Saudi Gazette

Hey! Look what landed in the inbox!


Sheri de Grom serendipitously sent a virtual cupcake and a “Super Sweet Blogging Award” the same day as my Mil0,000estone.  I am honored. Sheri shares my interest in, OK, everything. Bravo generalists.  Not everyone appreciates a blog that jumps around from bag bans to blueberries to Brooksley Born.  Sheri’s rich background as a Fed/JAG, book buyer and advocate for retirees gives her plenty of material for insightful posts on politics, books and whatever strikes her. Thank you Sheri.

I have to admit my first thought about “super sweet” was an image of a maiden aunt in a sensible suit and lavender perfume,

Anna Massey in Affinity

…which isn’t bad of course, but well…  then remembered Susie Lindau’s post about words that don’t mean what they used to.  Ah yes! “Sweet” according to the Urban Dictionary means not just sugary, but also good in a cool kind of way.   Swe-e-e-t.

Speaking of Susie, TODAY, JAN. 4, is the day to stop by her blog for a “Use Me and Abuse Me” party where she opens her virtual doors to bloggers of all stripes. Leave your link and check out other people’s links. I guarantee your horizons will expand, and your readership might too.

Susie and friend, be-wigged and bundled before a polar bear plunge

This swe-e-e-t acknowledgment wouldn’t be complete without a thank you to writer Karen McFarland.  In addition to her warm and honest blog posts on life, challenges, politics and writing, Karen offers encouragement and support to I don’t know how many writers out there.  Thanks Karen.

To wrap things up with a bow, next week, Thursday, Jan. 10, I’ll pass on the Super Sweet honors to a baker’s dozen wonderful bloggers, and open the floor to suggestions about the best ways to say thank you.  Off now to Susie’s party. Hope to see you there!


  • Julia – good to see you again. Hope all is well and you are enjoying the new year and your milestone – 10K – awesome. Stopped over from susie’s place, but have been here before – have a great day


    • Hi Clay! Thanks for helping me mark the day. Susie is inspiring. You’re not going to see me in any polar bear swims though. Hope you are well.


  • Hi Julia,

    10,000 visits! Take a bow.

    I don’t know about the maiden aunt. Could you pull off that look?

    I’ve been occupied with Susie’s post all day. I’ll have to remember to blame her for my lack of productivity, but I can attest to broadened horizons. The comments on her post have lead me to a number of great blogs, and others are clicking too. It’s been a blast.


    • Definitely could pull it off. OK, if I stopped eating chocolate. Susie’s parties do tend to morph into the best excuse ever not to get to that novel, or report, or housework, or to taking down the holiday lights.

      It is fun to get a big picture of what people write, and why, and what you like and why. Hat’s off to Ms. Lindau.


  • Hi! Just stopping by as Susie sent me over from her Use Me and Abuse Me Party blog. Wow – 10,000 visits! Congrats!

    Happy New Year!



  • Thank you. I know, I know, some people get 10,000 hits A DAY, but still, we humans take our milestones when they come. Thanks for the visit.


  • Thanks for the kind words. I haven’t made it to Susie’s party yet, but it’s next on my hit list. This is a beautiful post of thanks. Congratulations on the 10,000 – way to go!


  • 10,000 visits, huh? Well then Look out McDonald’s!!! Because Julia B Whitmore is in your rear view mirror, MIckey D, and she’s gaining fast! So prepare to get your doors blown off, Ronald!

    Congrats, Julia! 🙂


  • Ha ha. Don’t blink. It really will be 10 billion soon. Ronald has been giving me tips. It’s all in the french fries.


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