Last week Sheri de Grom was kind enough to send a nice party picture to decorate my blog.

Did you notice the fairy in the picture. That’s me!

Passing on the torch–I mean party candles. Here are a baker’s dozen sw-e-e-t blogs.  Stop by, leave a word, and tell ’em I sent you.  If you do, I’ll ….  ?

Wait. These blogs are so good, you don’t need a bribe to visit them.

1. All Things Geography

Nicholas’ Ethiopia map

All Things Geography is just what the man says. Being a generalist myself, I admire people who get to know and love one thing.  Nicholas Humphrey is working toward his degree at South Dakota  State University in Environmental Geography, and just got his first job in his field.

2. Life With the Top Down

From Life with the Top Down’s ‘About’ page

Lisa writes one funny post after another.  Need a lift?  Click this link.

3. A Wilderness of Words

From Mary’s post about Wilkie Collins

Mary Pierce writes about authors, writing life, politics, and other things she cares about.  This is a thoughtful, well put-together blog.

4. Arty Old Bird Val Erde shakes things up with wacky cartoons, photos, blogging tips. Shake off your winter blues and visit Val. 

Chocolate Cheesecake by Val

5. Debra Kristi’s Blog Science fiction and fantasy writer.  Check out Thor’s Chick-lit World Tour.


6. Woman Bites Dog Lyndsey Jones, senior journalist for the Financial Times, and for fun, a playwright and comic.

Flyer for Lyndsey’s show

7. Coco J. Ginger Says A woman with 5,000 followers doesn’t need any awards, but stop by anyway.  Coco has a great sense of style.

8. Domestic News This woman is AMAZING.  She sews, writes, cooks, is a big reader and is active in politics.  Step by step slide-shows of her projects are pretty cool.  If you want to cozy up with a home project, start here for inspiration.

Hand made quilt by “Domestic News” goddess

9. Observing Ourselves Observing Lav Chintapalli is a children’s book author and a passionate educator and ethnographer living in Italy.  She writes about the intersection of culture, society and education, and about her life and interests.

Lav, signing one of her books

10. A View from a Car Park Benjamin Norris — a wonderful poet.

11. Jus Naturale Another blog that needs no accolades or awards, this is a series of diary entries from Berlin, and dark, jarring fiction shorts titled “Smoking in Prague.”  Not to be missed.

12. Myndi Shafer  Myndi’s new book Shrilugh is making a splash. Not surprising, considering how much fun her posts are.


13. Ray’s Blog is sweet, in all senses, a blog about Ray’s thoughts, family, politics and stuff he thinks about.  I like his tag line.  Blogging:  It’s like howling at the moon, only quieter.  

Blue moon from



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