Home Stretch: Reflections (104 commutes by muscle in 52 weeks)

“Our teapots are broken, our rocking chairs smashed, and our bicycle tires all blew up when we crashed…” from Horton Hears a Who


There’s bicyclist in town who sports an impressive set of safety gear: front and rear helmet lights, a headlight, tail light (all lights going, day or night), reflective jacket and vest, reflectors on the fender, reflectors on the spokes of his wheels and on velcro ties around his ankles, all topped off with a flag.  I’m tempted to ask if this was because of some kind of bicycle trauma that he doesn’t want to repeat, or if he just likes gear.

Not that I blame him.

There was a time when I avoided safety equipment. It felt like a bull’s eye.  Come on cars, here I am. Come and get me.

Reflective material, however, has risen in my estimation …


… especially when someone else wears it. Illumination in a drizzle, before dawn or at rush hour, is good.

You go gear-laden bicycle man. Anyone who bicycles in this car-mad world deserves to strut their stuff.


Reflective design on my rain jacket

“We are here, we are here,

we are here, we are here!” (Horton’s Whos)


Week 49:  walked 1x, bicycled 2x.
Week 50: bicycled 3x.  
Week 50:  walked 1x, bicycled FIVE TIMES. End date:  April 15.  Grand total:  124, TWENTY in the bank.


  • Nothing more scary as a driver than to not see a biker or pedestrian until the last minute. I’m with you, the brighter, the better. Wear those reflectors and lights with pride. 😉


  • Even as a bicyclist, I get frustrated at bicyclists who are hard to see. Everyone who cycles should have to go to “it’s OK to look nerdy” school.


  • I love that reflective design swirl for your jacket…it’s rare to see something like that for a reflective design.

    It takes a mother, grandmother to know of this obscure quote from a Dr. Seuss’ children’s book. It’s a good one for this post.

    I’ve had drivers at different times, tell me in the elevator when I wear my gear, that they are grateful I wear reflective clothing. Yup, I don’t understand cyclists who wear all black, including helmet at night.


  • I know! It’s kind of weird to see reflecting shoes only. Sometimes it takes my brain a little too long to process what it is seeing.


      • True, and trust me all was seen in this one, the second busies in LA County with the highest census of child abuse. It’s part of why I advocate now and why I especially wanted to thank you for your post in all seriousness you never know you’ll see it and take heed. Really appreciate your site.


  • Many thanks. Appreciation to you for your advocacy! Advocates for abused children are so needed. Talk about horrors that haunt for life. It’s an easy problem to neglect, partly because it hurts so much to face it. Best wishes.


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