Ta da (127 commutes by muscle in 52 weeks)

April 15! No, not just tax day.
It’s been a year since I decided to bike with intention. The goal: 104 commutes by muscle. Grand total for the year: 127
OK, so we’re not going to reverse global warming, but still …
Photo: dantada at Morguefile
Photo: dantada at Morguefile
My takeaway: city cycling is not for weenies
Giant Iguana rests on its laurels

NEXT 52 WEEKS,  UP THE ANTE?  Maybe drive around for awhile and think about it.

How about you? How often do you transport yourself by means other than a car?  

We’re off to China! Hoping for bicycling inspiration.


  • Have a wonderful trip to china, Julie.

    Congratulations on continuing with your bike committment. I flagged, but still think each day about when I can bike. You work steadily and see results. Happy journeys and call when you get back.



  • Seriously, are you going to bike China for inspiration? I do hope the muscles are ready for the challenge. It would be a fabulous trip. I used to bike–heavy emphasis on the phrase–used to bike 40 miles everyday, come rain or shine. I lived along the central coast of California then. There was something about living in DC that I gave up everything but my stationary bike in the house:) My concessions this year had to be walking and the darn surgeries pulled back significant accomplishments. You are doing fantastic. I hope to get back to a regular walking reguime soon.


  • I love to walk when the weather allows, but many US suburbs and towns aren’t set up well for walking to get us where we need. So much poor urban design out there. Luckily, I’m only a mile from my town’s downtown, and we’ll frequently walk there when we get library books, a few things from the market, ice cream, etc.


  • Wow, I’m impressed! (I own a bicycle. It’s in my basement.) I live too far out of town for walking or riding a bike. If I’m in a city I like to walk.

    Have a great trip to China. Post photos!


  • Wow, congrats! That’s an awesome achievement. 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful time in China.


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