What screws us up most

     in life is the picture in our

     head of how it is suppose

     to be 

Unknown-1Pink ribbon alert and a few quiet moments to send love and support to Susie Lindau today, as she faces down one of life’s biggest challenges. Many know Susie, virtually speaking, from her ‘Use Me and Abuse Me’ parties, where she invites bloggers to drop in, leave a link, and check out other guest links. Hundreds attend. She visits every guest’s blog, and answers every comment, always with encouragement and good cheer.

When Susie is not blogging, dancing, skiing, hiking, running or taking photographs, she’s out doing something for someone — supporting family and friends, writing, making art, cracking jokes, swimming (in a river, mid-winter) to raise money for disabled kids.  About the dancing?  Susie dances every chance she gets: on New Years at midnight, at the Polar Bear Swim, alone with her dog, with friends at parties. She rain dances, snow dances, blog dances.  It is contagious. Watch a video or two of Susie dancing and before you know it, you’re shimmying too.

With her usual energy, honesty and, yes, good humor, Susie recently let friends and followers know she has a rare and aggressive breast cancer, and will undergo a double mastectomy. Surgery is scheduled for today.  A life long proponent of healthy living and eating, she is courageously writing about her experience. 

Susie —  Sending blue skies and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

To read Susie’s blog and follow her story: Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride 



  • Julia! Thank you so very much for the amazing post and blog love! I so appreciate your support. It is through you and others that I have such a great prognosis. The biopsy showed that I may fall in the gray area of needing chemo. I had planned to go through it to reduce the chances of recurrence somewhere else in my body. But when the tissue was sent to Mayo after the surgery, the results were half that in the 13%!!! Unbelievable. I think that my story went out exponentially through posts like yours and reblogs. Thousands prayed and sent out positive vibes and here I am!
    Thank you!!! Sending ((((hugs))))


  • Thank YOU! Wondering if you might have a little engineer’s blood, looking at your drainage tube belt setup. Glad to hear you’re on the mend and that you (probably?) won’t need chemo!!! Courageous woman. And kind to writers of all kinds. Will be thinking of you in the coming weeks as you make your way back.


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