Your Spam is Junk. Five tips for using the new Apple iOS.

No worms in this Apple

Go ahead. Don’t be afraid. Download that new operating system for your iPhone. Experts galore are online, ready to help.  For most of us non-techies, the difference is mostly cosmetic, but the system does seem to work a tad faster, and has some cool/grotesque (depending on your taste) graphics.  Warning: BACK UP your iPhone via iCloud or iTunes first!  Here’s how:

Five things that might stump you:

1. In G-mail, the spam option disappeared.  The new word for spam is “junk.” That seems appropriate.

Now, officially JUNK

2. After the update, I had trouble editing notes.  Instead of getting the familiar keyboard pop-up and magnifying glass editor, I only got the cut and paste options.  The trick? Do not hold your finger on the screen for longer than a millisecond.  The lightest tap brings up the keyboard.

Only need a light tap to bring this up

3. Your battery might run out of juice faster than it used to, even if you turn off or delete some of the apps you don’t use.  Here are a couple of new battery gobbling iOS features that you might want to turn on only occasionally, or maybe even live without.

  • AirDrop. This lets you transfer things quickly between Apple devices.  It’s not something I’ll use very often.  To turn off, go to the home screen, open the Control screen by sliding your finger from the bottom to top on your phone. You’ll get an image like this:


       The “AirDrop” icon is in the lower third of the screen. Tap to turn on or off.

  • Parallax gives a 3 dimensional look to things on the screen. It is kind of cool, but makes some people carsick. If you’d rather extend the life of your battery, go to Settings > General > Accessibility, and > switch Reduce Motion to “On.”


4. Calendar. Having trouble making sense of the new one? I missed the old “list” feature, which allowed scrolling quickly through events scheduled, day by day. It’s still there!  Tap the magnifying glass in the upper right corner to activate it.  Note also that by tapping the year in the upper left corner, you get the entire calendar for the year.  Tap again, and you return to the current month.

See the magnifiying glass in the upper right corner? Tap to get a list of events.

5. In case you decide to do some housekeeping by updating your Apple I.D. from the old e-mail address you used in college to the one you’ve been using for the last 10 years — you’ll discover that editing I.D. via iTunes doesn’t automatically sync everything else, which means that you won’t be able to sign on to see the New York Times, or download app updates, or anything else that requires signing in.

Ignore all the advice floating around about signing into the old e-mail again, and going back and forth with verifications and all the rest.  The fix is simple:  on your phone, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Tap on your Apple I.D. which will be highlighted in blue > tap on Sign Out > Sign in again with your new I.D.


Voila!  What tricks have you found to save me hours of frustration?


  • I’m a Samsung Galaxy gal, but the rest of my family is IPhone. Their updates have made it so they have to ask me how things work since the similarities are now apparent. 🙂


  • I’m so grateful for your post because I still need to update my phone. I’m going to bookmark this page. I’ve heard about the battery issue, so this is very helpful. Thank you!


    • Go for it. I kept putting the update off because “backing up” sounded intimidating, but it was easy. OK, I did threaten to throw the thing out the window when I couldn’t figure out how to sync my new Apple I.D. — but that was easy too. In the end. Cheers.


  • Thank you for this post Julia! This wasn’t an easy post for you to write girl. May I just say how much I do not like the new apple iPhone update. It drives me nuts when they change things. But I did notice that my battery was draining faster and didn’t know why until now. I really appreciate you doing your homework on this. You helped immensely.

    How are you by the way? I hope you had a wonderful summer and that you and yours are healthy and happy. 🙂


  • Sometimes the updates feel like a purposeful attempt to make old fogies like me throw up our hands and get out of the game. We’ll just get comfortable with iOS 7 and guess what? My laptop, a vintage 2008 Macbook, is getting so “old” the techs at the repair store put on rubber gloves before they touch it. If my computer is old I can imagine what they think of me.

    Summer was grand, and too quick!


  • I just referred back to this post as I have since downloaded iOS7. Thank you for that calendar tidbit! I was missing my list and finding it very frustrating. Now thanks to you, I know what to do. 🙂


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