Let’s MRAP the holidays

Hurry! Get your Mine Resistant Ambush Protection Vehicle today!

Merry Christmas from Kabul. U.S. Navy photo by Capt. Jane Campbell via Wikimedia Commons

Available now at your local military surplus outlet, this 19 ton vehicle can travel through three feet of water, and is built to withstand ballistic arms fire, minefields, IEDs, nuclear, biological, and chemical environments. Just the thing for the local law enforcement agencies or campus police.  Now available for the unbelievably low price of — FREE!

A hundred and sixty five happy law enforcement customers have already taken advantage of this amazing offer, including the campus police of Ohio State University. OSU campus police chief Paul Denton looks forward to using it for officer rescues, hostage situations and bomb calls. When asked if a bomb-proof, machine gun turreted vehicle might make campus police more like military police, Denton, replied — not at all! Mostly it will be used to drive officers around on game days.  Besides, the gun turret is being removed.

Better hurry! Unclaimed MRAPs are “cost prohibitive to retrograde and reset,” according to an assistant secretary of defense for logistics and materiel readiness, and will be dismantled and sold to Afghan scrap metal dealers. Not that the Afghans won’t put the scraps to good use.  They call it ‘gold dust.’ And so will you!  As one OSU,  student mused, “while giving campus police the authority to operate a vehicle designed for war is incredibly intimidating,” the bottom line? “This thing is really cool and I want to drive it.”

This holiday, buy something your favorite law enforcement official will really love. Head down to your local military surplus outlet and get your MRAP today!



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