Good news on climate change: Garlic

Good news on climate change? Anyone?

It’s probably progress in the right direction that the issue has started appearing regularly on the front pages. It only took five rounds of being taken to the woodshed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Still, it’s not clear how we’re to fix things, or if that’s even possible. Politicians sure aren’t jumping on the bandwagon. In Oregon’s Voter’s pamphlet for the upcoming election, only one out of 48 candidates even mention the topic. And, on a gorgeous day like today it’s particularly hard to wrap my head around the idea. It’s too big, and too depressing.

Things look fine. Three Sisters, Bend, Oregon

When good news about climate change surfaces, I glom onto it like cling wrap to a bowl.

For example:

Garlic can cut emissions of methane gas.

When it comes to global warming, methane is 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide, and methane gas emissions have increased by 150% in the last century. Cows produce methane in their manure, and when they fart and burp. Each cow produces between 30 and 50 gallons of methane a day. With about 1.4 billion cows in the world, that’s a lot of gas.

Photo source: Yvonne Parijs-Bosman via Queen of the Cows

And garlic? A three-year study at the University of Wales in Aberystwyth demonstrated that cows fed garlic produce 50% less methane than non-garlic eating cows.  “Garlic directly attacks the organisms in the gut that produce methane.” Still unknown: whether garlic affects the flavor of the milk, but we’ll take that as it comes. For now, bravo Aberystwyth scientists. Yay.

Image source: hotblack via morguefile

Is climate change on your mind? Have you done anything to change your lifestyle or are you politically involved in climate change issues? Do you know of any leaders we can vote for, or innovators who are inventing/promoting solutions?

Sources: Do Cow Farts Actually Contribute to Global Warming?

Garlic May Cut Cow Flatulence

How Garlic May Save the World


    • Now, if I could only find some evidence that dairy farmers are making use of this useful information.


  • Julia – Funny as you can be, you still give us a run for our money. I’ll never understand how someone cannot believe in global warming. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to grasp the most elementary details.
    I think the scientist just may be on to something with the garlic. Remember, Gilroy, CA is the garlic capital of the United States and maybe the world. When living in Monterey/Carmel we attended their annual garlic festival each year and sampled garlic ice cream, garlic wine, garlic flavored lip gloss that was so hot you wouldn’t lick your lips and would therefore have color all day (but no one wanted to get close enough to kiss you)! We always had tons of fun and went home smelling as though we’d been marinated in the stuff.
    An individual that car pooled with us for awhile in DC was a firm believer in the value of eating raw garlic leaves or whatever it is you call them. She refused to take the capsels. You could marinate a thick steak in our car on the days she rode with us. We disbanded the car pool simply because we were all too much of a coward to tell her she reeked of garlic and it was most unpleasant.
    You provided Tom a great laugh. I hadn’t heard that laugh in a long time and it was music to my ears. I read your blog to him and he said, “_____ smelled so bad, we’d never have known if she farted or not.”
    As for the politicians, good luck with that. Let me know if someone comes up with someone to support. I am clueless. Sheri


  • Garlic lip gloss? Who needs a chastity belt? That’s pretty funny about disbanding the carpool rather than letting the poor woman know she smelled. You and Tom are souls of discretion.


  • Interesting find. Thanks so much!
    And wow, that article you mentioned – Do Cow Farts Actually Contribute to Global Warming? – has great explanation and hahahaha – what a great title!


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