Sun Reflector and Summer Blog-Fog

How are you spending summer (assuming you are north of the equator)? Hope you’re managing to both warm up and chill out.

For blog-laggards such as myself, check out Blogdramedy‘s June 4 post, How to pull a post out of your bum. One of her recommendations is to post a few words and a picture of yourself, even if it’s not very flattering, and at least let people know you are alive.

Here I am, alive and in shorts, tentatively sampling coconut water. Those babies are heavy! Oddly, no one took me up on my offer to share.

In this neck of the woods, summer not only gives bloggers an excuse to be lazy, it also provides nature an opportunity to remedy the vitamin D deficiency that 99.9% of us Pacific Northwesterners suffer from. The Mister says my skin reflects sunlight, so it’s probably better to just keep taking supplements, but hope for a little color persists, and every year, out come the shorts.

Feel free to send photos of your own summer bronze. Maybe some of it will rub off on me.

What are your tips for keeping up the blog-flow in summer?



    • The coconut vendor tried to sell me on coco-loco, Mexican tourist lingo for just add tequila, but rum, ah there’s an antidote for frog belly white.


  • I’m not doing much with my blog this summer. Just like last summer I’m taking a break. I’ll probably post an update once a month, and–as you can see–I’m still reading a few blog posts here and there. It’s nice to stay somewhat in the circuit. 🙂


    • Once a month. There’s an idea. Much more appealing than the once a day prescribed by a how to write blog I just visited. Who are these people? Honored you would drop by during your vacation. Raising my coconut to you!


  • I haven’t taken a break in three years. Hmm. I can try by cutting back. Maybe I won’t feel so overwhelmed. Truth is, I have noticed a decrease in traffic and let out a sigh of relief. 😀


    • Three years? You are an animal. Of course, if you pace yourself, three years can go by in a flash. If the blog-lords decide you must continue at your current rate, hope you have a nice desk by a window and a bird feeder outside. Happy summer!


      • A window and a bird feeder would be refreshing. Alas, I will need to pull back more. I feel I’m burning out and there is so much more to accomplish.
        *Smiles* I am slow to change. 🙂


  • Summer makes me feel a little less pressure. Almost everyone seems to be talking about vacation or hanging out by the pool. Seeing relaxing photos like yours inspires me to take a breather. 🙂 Happy summer!


    • When the writing bug gets hold, it’s hard to shake off, even when the weather smiles. In fact, sometimes when everyone else is busy hanging out by the pool, it’s a perfect time for uninterrupted writing. Wait, I’m supposed to be encouraging you to relax! (Shake out shoulders, massage temples). No pressure! Go relax!


  • love the new header….summer is the time I have to write. I get bogged down when school resumes and I have to plan, assess, and reflect plus all of the other tasks that come along with being a teacher. I miss the time to write and I have ideas, oh do I have ideas…..I like you am fair-skinned and just burn when I get in the sunshine. You’ll find inspiration, keep writing and wear sun screen.


    • Ditto! Hope you can carve out enough time to get a sizeable chunk of that stash of ideas on paper (or screen) this summer. Teaching plus writing sounds like a dynamite combination. Also, I appreciate the description “fair skinned.” Much better than frog belly white.


  • Normally, at this time of year downunder, I am settling into reclusivity and noticing (with a certain amount of envy) the absence of bloggers on the other side of the world. But this year, for some reason, as winter approaches, I’m finding myself more social than ever! So, thank goodness for digital cameras. Also, I would have taken you up on the coconut water offer, but did someone mention rum?? 😉 Enjoy your summer!


  • Rum, the downfall (or salvation) of many a well-intentioned summer blogger. A beau in high school, back in time so far I’ve forgotten his name, enjoyed plying me with rum and cokes, purely for entertainment value. Although my tolerance for alcohol is about as high as a 4 pound chihuahua, we have magnificent local pinots here in the Pacific Northwest, and come a Saturday night, you might find me drowning my 3 ounce sorrows over the fact that we have no local rum. On coconut water: out of a coconut, it tastes just like the stuff in the can! You would love it, which is what I told my friends, but they put their fingers in their ears and went la-la-la. Looking forward to your social winter posts. Sounds like you might be having a little too much fun for a writer.


  • “How to pull a post out of your bum.” Excuse me? LOL!
    Hey girl, how’re you doing? You look good. And I love he fresh coconut water! Vitamin D always a good thing. I understand fair skin. I live in one. And right now I am in Phoenix visiting family, so I’m trying to stay cool. Trying is the operative word. I’m not in my right mind. Well, have I ever? lol. 🙂


    • Our paths crossed briefly yesterday, if you were somewhere near the Phoenix airport. Layover on our way to college graduation of child 2. If you want to stay cool in Phoenix hang out at the airport for awhile. The AC was cranked up and I needed a sweater. Hope you have a great visit with family, accompanied by icy coconut water.


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