For some of us, the publish and preview buttons are too dang close together.

Have you ever accidentally pushed Publish instead of Preview?

Sorry if you got an e-mail saying Scribbler put up a blog post about visiting Cozumel. It was not supposed to be posted yet. This is why easy publishing should be kept out of the hands of people in a delirious state of summer-itis, and in a rush to post something! Anything!

Here are my excuses, I mean reasons. It’s graduation season.



It’s travel season, and a time to have friends for dinner, pick blueberries, hike, bicycle, play music, visit friends recovering from surgery, celebrate a niece’s engagement, mourn a death in the family, and worry about, I mean applaud, a kid, I mean young adult, who insists on swimming across the San Francisco bay.


It would be better if the writing bug took a vacation, but alas, it keeps biting.

So, if you’ll just excuse me while I duck out of sight and fry, fry a hen.


Please share your bloopers. Am in need of company. 



  • I like the new header.
    I have bloopers every time my fingers hit the keyboard. I don’t call them typos because sometimes I get ahead of myself and forget essential words or cut words in half in my excitement to leave a comment. I should call a meeting between my brain and fingers and give them a serious talking to about teamwork. 😀

    As I see it, it is life’s, as well as summer’s, job to get in the way of blogging. 😀


  • So sorry about the death in the family. 😦

    Good luck to your son with his swimming challenge. Wow! And yes, I have suffered from premature publishing, too. Not fun!


    • You are smart to take the summer off. Good to hear that PP happens to others, too. YIKES> Thanks for the good wishes. Our son made it. He swallowed seawater and had to throw up in the middle and temporarily looked ten years older (at least on FaceTime — we weren’t actually there to witness the deed), but these kids. Nothing slows them down. Hope you are having a swooningly wonderful break.


  • I’m always paranoid about accidentally hitting the publish button. I liken it to forgetting to put my pants on or something. So, I’m always checking to see that it still says draft. I can’t remember which social media it was, but I had to post a pic of me with the caption “I’m imperfect” (for a class) and I accidentally typed I”m perfect. Even though I deleted it, that post got pinned to the class board. It’s funny now, but still so cringing. 🙂
    I hope you have a happy summer. So sorry about your family’s loss.


    • Ha Ha! You ARE perfect. Also paranoid for good reason. I might be a little too un-paranoid for my own good. Everything will work out for the best, right? Thank you for sharing your typo.


  • Every time I press the publish button, I feel my heart rate increase! The very first post, I was hyperventilating. Glad that we have connected.


  • I read and liked this post. I read and liked the Cozemel not-quite-ready post. I admire anyone who wants to swim SF Bay. Woof. That’s a swim! Congrats on the awesome kids, I mean young adults!


  • Haha, it is definitely a disaster waiting to happen. The closest I’ve come to that kind of thing is sending comments and text messages and tweets too quickly… and in some cases, to the wrong person! Which could be potentially fatal. Touch wood. Your summer sounds busy, and laced with a little more sadness than it should be. Bloopers are in order.


    • Another one: accidentally hitting “reply all” when you mean to just hit “reply.” You’re right: hurry is a devil. If I sleep on anything, preferably for more than one night, goof ups, insults and excess verbiage are more readily apparent, and slip ups like pushing the wrong button less likely. Maybe a big sign over the desk is in order: SLOW. DOWN.
      Yes, a sad week. A sister-in-law’s dad passed away. Truly one of the kindest and funniest men I’ve ever met. Thanks for the kind words.


  • Oh yes, I’ve definitely suffered PP (premature publishing). Worst case was not on my blog but in my paid consulting work, when I accidentally e-mailed the entire list re-inviting them to subscribe to the list… ugh. But you have so many other things on your mind, it’s totally understandable! And I like to think we fellow bloggers are a forgiving bunch.


    • Oh I hate it when that happens! E-mail is fantastic, but one little erroneous tap of a finger can reach so many so quickly. Speaking of forgiving, I’m still mulling the meme dilemma, since I seem to the be last person on earth interested in answering your four questions. Haven’t forgotten though, and will keep strategezing. Cheers.


      • Your pondering process seems as if it would make a very interesting blog post. You could explore why you aren’t interested in answering the questions. It would be one of those meta-posts that discusses the topic without actually looking at the topic. 🙂


        • Answering the questions will be fun. The problem is handing the baton on to just the right, deserving and, actually at this point, willing, bloggers.


  • Been there done that … more than once! Seems like your life is full and happy, so you are indeed excused. Congratulations on all these incredible accomplishments! Honestly, just hearing “mom, guess what? I’m going to swim across the SF Bay” is enough to put even the most solid of minds into a spin. Kids are always kids and you have two beauties! Loved the photos.


    • I know, right? How about, Mom, after graduation I’m going into the Peace Corps. Yay! Ulp.

      Thanks for the kind words. It’s one of those times of lull between storm, when both offspring are out in the world, and healthy, and so are we. KNOCKING A HUNDRED TIMES ON WOOD. Quiet times are easy to take for granted, and I’m trying not to. Oh-m-m-mmm.

      Also glad to hear I’m not the only one wildly pushing unintended buttons. Cheers!


  • So true with those buttons and twitchy fingers! Bloopers are life, not even the rehearsals, don’t feel bad. 🙂 PS What a swimming feat!


    • Kind of sorry I wasn’t there to witness the great swim. Also kind of glad to just hear about the triumph afterwards.

      You’re right. Nothing like a goof-up to serve as a reminder that eating crow is part of life, too. Will proceed with caution. For at least two weeks. Cheers!


      • Personally, I prefer my crow roasted to a lovely golden brown, with a crisp, crunchy skin. You can get that fairly easily by rubbing the crow down with olive oil and salt before you put it in the oven.

        I’ve done the Premature Publishing thing, more times than I can count. What’s more embarrassing is that my blog is set by default to publish any updates on AAALLLLL my social media sites. So, when I hit ‘Publish’ too soon and have to go back and fix it, they get spammed with ‘New post!’ notices, all for the same post. So, yeah, I feel your pain.

        Olive oil and salt, I’m tellin’ ya. Does wonders for crow.


        • Hee hee! Nothing like crow to go with humble pie. Think I’ll have a little bury crumble for dessert.


  • Julia, I have done this. I have hit the publish button instead of the preview. I went into immediate panic. But…I did learn that you can un-publish the post. Yep, I changed the date and it changed the post back to the old post. Whew! *swipes sweat from brow* I like how your summer is turning out thus far. And now that we’ve had a preview of the Cozumel post, we all will look forward to reading it in the near future. 🙂


    • Thanks Karen. I couldn’t figure out a way to un-do the e-mail notifications, after (immediately) deleting the post. The link still showed the old post. Any tips?


  • Haha…thought it was only me who lived in fear of the Publish/Preview buttons!? (have come SO close to pressing the wrong one).

    Are there sharks in San Francisco Bay? With or without, it’s impressive. 🙂


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