Lake Break

How was your week? Any milestones?


Visiting Desolation Wilderness, which is much prettier than it’s name implies.

Reached two summits: (1) Mt. Tallac — and didn’t die of a heart attack or get eaten by bears — and (2) the 100th blog follower. Yay.

Blog experts warn that sites without a focus or brand don’t get followers, so am sending virtual chocolate to anyone who has clicked my follow button, and promise to follow you back if I haven’t already.

Photo: dantada at Morguefile
Photo: dantada at Morguefile

What was the subject of your best posts? What attracts the most followers? Do the two coincide?


  • I enjoyed the chocolate. Thank you! And it was calorie-free, too. 🙂

    I think my posts about writing attract the most eyes, but that’s not always consistent.


  • You always ask the difficult questions I’m struggling with myself. 🙂 My advice, for what it’s worth, is to be yourself. I see blogs on specific topics, ie narcissistic partners, parenting, book reviews etc who do very well; other successful bloggers who discuss the minutiae of everyday life, but why are YOU blogging? I have decided to be me, and whatever happens, will happen. Good luck! 🙂

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  • Yum, love the chocolate and antioxidants you’ve supplied me with. The posts I put out with the best responses are about dogs, usually photos go over big. But there was one that I wrote about my love affair and love of my beloved Tazzie, a rottie, at the ripe old age of 15. Coming from a kill shelter with a broken femur, she changed my life in many ways (literally got a tick from her and lyme disease) She inspired me to donate all profits to animal rescue. Thanks for asking and I’m kinda surprised I wrote all this here. Big hug.


    • After reading your book it was a pleasure to discover your love of animals. We don’t have pets (travel too much), but love animals. It’s fun to read about your rescue efforts and animal friends. Forgiven for Lyme disease?!? That says a lot right there.


  • Blogging so far is a way to find like-minded souls, to bridge from closet to public writing, and to learn from other bloggers the art of fiction and essay. It’s good to be reminded to be yourself, which happens intentionally or not. Better to be intentional. Thanks.

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  • Ah, the beauty of the Pacific Northwest! Gorgeous picture Julia. And you are quite the hiker girlfriend. Wowsers. Yes, it’s always a good thing not to come into contact with a bear. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I always enjoy immersing myself in nature whether wooded or around a body of water. It’s interesting how it calms our spirit. I’m always in awe.

    What is/was my best post. Hmm. You know, it was the launch of Diane Capri’s “Don’t Know Jack” book. lol. What came in second? The bird post. You know. Naming the pelican Murphy. Yes, it’s true. See, no one’s that interested in me Julia. Go figure. 🙂


    • You put your finger on something here. People appreciate generosity, even when it involves a pelican that doesn’t really exist? Not interested in you? Ha! The pelican post was one of only one or two posts you’ve even put up in the last few months. Your audience awaits. Did you like Diane’s book?

      With you on nature. Truly thought I was going to pass out on those last 100 yards up Mt. Tallac, but all the agony forgotten at the summit.


  • Love that lake view! I’d count not getting eaten by bears as pretty significant too. 😉 This week marks three years blogging. The post that seems to get the most views is one I wrote about book endings. Maybe I put good SEO terms in that day? Ha ha. I have no idea.


    • I’ll have to go back and look your book endings up. The posts of mine that get the most hits are blurbs about how to use the iPhone. Every day, 6, 8, 20 hits. A mystery, I agree. Thanks for the visit.


  • Hi JBW, thank you for that delicious blog-choc! The photo of Desolation Wilderness is breath-taking and what a name. Awesome.

    I don’t have many followers but then I don’t follow many people… I’d rather ‘dip my foot’ into the blogosphere with the odd piece of flippancy,, an occasional serious observation and/or some pics of beautiful things. It’s fun. 🙂


  • Beautiful pictures and congrats on both milestones! Typically my posts that get the most views are shorter articles about personal growth/life. I think it makes sense because most of my readers are twenty-somethings which is a demographic that I feel really loves short, inspiring reads. Understandably, my dense research based articles are a little more overwhelming,ha! Thanks for keeping up with those, I do appreciate all your feedback and insight. What do you find with your blog?


  • I like your dense writings! With my blog — posts about how to use iPhones do very well. Too bad I’m the farthest thing there could be from an expert in that field. People reply to personal stories, and just visit for informational posts, so it’s kind of a blank spot as to whether the multitude of visitors actually read the iPhone posts or just troll through. Cheers and keep up the in depth posts, at least some of the time.


  • I don’t remember getting any chocolates, virtual or otherwise. But I have spent 25 of the last 35 days floating on the Salmon, Snake, and Rogue rivers, so maybe I missed the delivery.


  • Desolation Wilderness looks pretty good to me! As for those meaningful existential questions… my answer so far is Who Knows? Blogging on one or two specific topics seems terribly boring to me. But I’m far from a marketing genius, and that’s probably why 🙂


  • Desolation Wilderness is spectacular and humbling. You put your finger on it. Blogging on one or two topics seems boring to me too, unless you are really into those topics. Kim Kommando I’ll never be.


  • the chocolate was just what I needed to keep going this morning……..congrats on your 100th follower – I’ve been following you for over two years, you left a comment on one of my posts and I followed the crumb and came over… I am also glad you got away to the lake – that view is stupendous and it makes me think of the lakes I imagined where my grandparents would spend their vacation in the Appalachians. Sometimes you have to go backward to go forward, I hope you have a great week.


  • Hey Julia,

    As per the top of this page, I am following your blog, but just realized I don’t get your posts delivered to my inbox. How is that? 😳

    As per a blog sans focus (and w/o updated posts in a week), have ya been to mine, lol?

    Your photo reminds me of a wonderful hike I took many moons ago in Bar Harbor, Maine. I’m not sure, but my view might have been from Eagle Rock Mountain, or something like that. Nature offers so much and asks so little in return (I.e., that we don’t destroy it with waste and chemicals).

    Be well!


    • I love Bar Harbor. Gorgeous. Just thinking about Maine because a friend with a house north of Portland ME is visiting this week.

      I do admire those bloggers who are up and at ’em on a regular schedule. But identify with the irregulars!

      Yes, we humans are regular earth-revisers, moving, building, burning, changing. It’s good to go to a place where there are relatively few people, and just feel and see what it’s like. Nature is pretty darn impressive.


  • So you went to Desolation Sound? Lovely photo. I miss British Columbia a lot.

    Guess what: 1 of my top 5 all time posts includes crossing the Canada-U.S. border by hike, bike, ferry. It has photos.. It actually started to bother me. So for the time being I’ve put it in a private mode and just see what it does to my statistics.

    Another top post is cycling lifestyle is being a feminist. So really, it’s for me to relook at what I’ve done and just frame it abit differently.

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  • Desolation Wilderness in California, although I just read a lovely book about Desolation Sound, “The Curve of Time.”

    What an interesting pair of “top post” subjects. And how are your stats without the border crossing post?


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