• I saw this yesterday. I still don’t understand how it is possible. And when would you use this skill? How did we exist without the internet???


    • The Internet exists to reboot us. Pretty useful skill in Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria. Kind of want to try it myself. Kind of.


  • These types of talents always amaze me. Did she just wake up one day and say “hey, I’m going to try to sing 2 notes at once?” Incredible to say the least and the look on my dogs face while it played was priceless.

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  • Happy editing. Editing means HOME STRETCH. Yeah.

    Isn’t it great how she shows us where the notes are going with her hands? It’s as if she’d conducting her own vocal chords.


    • Me too. In fact, have tried it out. My husband is wondering what those strange sounds coming out of the shower are. Will tell him in the future that scientific experiments are being conducted.


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