Tinker Crate

My father advised us to watch the things our children naturally are drawn to, over and over. “That’s what they’ll do in life. Encourage them,” he said.

Andy & Marc 2
Andy (right) and his buddy Marc, circa 1992. Photo credit: Jim Whitmore

We took that advice to heart. For years we endured encouraged surgical tubing catapults, PVC pipe swords, bannister puppet shows, legos between the sofa cushions, potato/ping pong ball/rubber band guns, magic tricks, chain maille, funny smells.  My husband, bless the man, was a gleeful participant in anything that involved shooting things and running around. One spring our children decided to dig a fort in the woods behind the house. The kitchen floor was muddy for days. A decade later a utility inspector knocked on the door and solemnly opined that there was evidence of a geological event back there.

Who would believe all that feverish activity would lead to a paying job?  Here’s Andy, 2014.

The job title, for you parents of young inventors? Product Designer.

Know any 8-to-13 year old artist/explorers? Who need time away from a screen? Yeah, this is a screen, but stay with me. Check out Tinker Crate. For younger kids, see the hands-on kits at Kiwi Crate. You too can have experiments going on nonstop at your house.

Hug and a kiss to my dad, Andy Sr., for his sage advice. He turns 87 this month.


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