Travel in 2014

Are you a traveler? Where are your favorite places?

This year, as we celebrated thirty years married, we covered a lot of ground.

January, Museum of Modern Art, New York*
Point Lobo
February, Point. Lobos
March, Revelstoke
April, New Orleans
June, Cozumel
Come on in. The water’s fine.
July, Emerald Bay
August, Willamette National Forest
September, Guadalajara.  700-year-old tree.
October, Little Round Top
November, Migrating salmon. Mapleton, Oregon

What do we get from going places for fun?

For me, travel is a wake-up. A trip bookmarks time and place. It humbles.

It’s good to breathe the air somewhere else, and see for myself how big, and how small the world is.

Travel makes me go outside.

Times and places where there aren’t many people, or things made by people, feel the most important: sunset over water, fish in a stream, fog descending over firs.

What does travel do for you? Are there places you want to see in 2015? Before you die?


Happy New Year 

May the year’s journeys be everything you hope for. 


 *”Interior with a Girl,” Picasso


  • Wow, you did indeed cover a lot of ground in one year. I love to travel, but it’s not always easy with kids–school, extracurricular commitments, etc. But in a few years it will just be the hubs and I again, so new travel opportunities will arise. Still, we tend to cover a lot of ground, at least here in the US (conferences mostly).

    Happy New Year!


  • When our kids were young we hardly traveled at all. They grouse about that now, and both took off to faraway places as soon as they could.

    It was a surprise to discover how much my husband wanted to see the world, once the kids were in college. Yahoo. Let’s do it while we can.

    Conferences are good — especially the ones that meet in the mornings, and give you afternoons, evenings and weekends free. Probably gives you ideas about where else you’d like to go, too.

    Best wishes for the New Year.


  • I love this post. I love to travel, too, but right now I’m with Carrie–so many other priorities. But five years or so from now will be our 30th and, we hope, kids independent, so who knows? Thanks for inspiring!


  • I’d love to visit almost every continent except Antarctica, and almost every country with the exception of a few in Africa and South America. The 2 things standing in my way are (1) I don’t have the funds and (2) when I go places I need to have a guide with me to navigate through the airports and while I’m in strange places. It means I’d need double the funds to do that.


    • Run do not walk to the nearest blogs on how to take advantage of free tickets for miles. I’ve been flying free on United since the start of 2014 — and will through the end of 2015 — as a “partner”. My husband has gotten enough miles to fly free himself a couple of times at least. With you on Antarctica. Also on strange airports. What is it about not being able to read signs right in front of my face when I’m in strange airports? The recommendation that you arrive 1.5 hours ahead of flight time is for people like me.

      Hope you make it to every continent, and rant the whole way.


    • Luck is right. We are normal people, with normal spats, but amazingly, still like each. Someone asked us once the secret to finding someone you can stay with for decades, and we couldn’t tell him. The right smell? It was a good year though, knock on wood.

      Thanks for visiting and for your kind comments.

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  • What a wonderful year 2014 has been. That’s a lot of traveling. More plans for this year? ❤
    I've been thinking about taking a trip this year, but haven't decided anything yet.


  • Wow, what a beautiful way to celebrate 30 years marriage. And I’m totally with you on the places where there aren’t people, or things made by people. Becoming an increasingly rare phenomenon these days, but still possible to find, especially off season. Happy 2014 to you. Is there more travelling in sight?

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  • Hopefully yes, more travel. Friends are turning 60 this year, and two have issued invitations to faraway places.

    I’ve been flying free on United Airlines as part of their partnership program — the airline tickets for miles are pretty cool if you have the stamina to work through the hoops.

    Yes, wild places are being squeezed, and getting harder to find. Makes me want to fight for conservation and open space.

    Happy 2015!


  • Where to go in 2015? Why travel at all? How to be happy with your partner for life? All excellent question, Julie.

    Since coming home from Kazakhstan Janene and I have been on a binge of summer raft trips. That was one of the reasons for moving to Boise after all. We have done four major week long trips each of the last two summers. And we have managed to put in 40K miles of road tips on Moby. So for 2015 we are awaiting the results of various wilderness river permit lotteries before we know which direction we will go. How sad that we Americans have so few miles of wilderness rivers that we must enter a lottery for a chance to get to float them.

    But our focus on rafting has led us to neglect backpacking. There is plenty of wilderness if you want to get there on foot, but increasingly I fear my body will not always allow me to do so. At 50 I felt I could backpack as far as I did at 20, albeit with a lot more stiffness and moaning along the way. But with birthday 59 coming soon I am conscious that my serious backpacking days may be numbered. So if the river gods don’t give us permits we will take it as a sign to hit the trails into the mountains.

    Speaking of 50, and happiness in marriage, Janene and I have plans for a 50th wedding anniversary celebration this year. We’ll never make it to 50 on our own, but if we count the years from our first marriages plus our own second marriage it all adds up to 50 years of marriage in 2015. It is a good excuse for a party anyway.

    We got so spoiled with overseas travel while working in Kazakhstan. Hard to believe, but it actually got to be a chore to plan all our trips in Europe. Wandering around by local bus, train, and boat can get to be a strain, as we are not the types that can just go and sit in one place for long. We got sort of burnt out on old European cities, and toward the end began focusing on natural areas, which led to hiking in the Alps and along the coast of Wales. I feel like a hick from Troutdale for saying so, but I value nature over culture. But now that we have been back in the US a couple years the international travel itch coming back. With Drew teaching in Cairo it would be a shame not to go visit him and get an insider tour of his favorite parts of Egypt and Palestine. And once in Egypt, Turkey and Croatia, two of our favorite places, aren’t far away. Maybe in 2016?

    Congrats on you two still liking each other, and keep us posted on your travels together.

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    • Egypt definitely should be in your future. Just don’t go hiking near dangerous borders. I’ve never been to Africa, but would love to visit.

      Same experience with hiking. Ten years ago we could get up and down Mt. Tallac by two pm. Last summer practically had to crawl the last fifty yards. Maybe more aerobics needed? Surely can’t be age.

      Happy fiftieth! May all your river permits come through.


  • Happy Thirty to you and yours! And what a way to celebrate. Look at Emerald Bay. You would never know there is a water shortage. Lake Tahoe is gorgeous. But so were the other spots in your travels. Thanks for sharing your anniversary with us. I wish you many more! 🙂

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  • I love your travels!!! And I look forward to living vicariously through you! I don’t travel a lot…but have a trip coming up to Tucson. I’ve been there twice before…I like to visit…but I wouldn’t want to live there!!


    • I think Tucson might be too hot for me to live in, too, but the desert is a wonderful place to visit. Never been to Tucson — let me know what it’s like!


      • I will!! From past experiences out west…it is too DRY for me. I am one of those rare people who LOVE humidity!! But I do have to say that my hair looks way better out there!! Have a super weekend!! ❤

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