It’s Here! The 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign!

Are you celebrating this Sunday? Easter? Passover? Ostara? Seventeenth day of spring (or winter, depending on your hemisphere)? How about the kickoff of the 2016 US Presidential elections?

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Oh come on. You’re not one of those election-dreading party poopers? This will be fun. Let the speculation, scandal mongering, mud-slinging, perseverating, back-pedaling, secret taping, pontificating, and chest beating begin.

Think of the swathes of time we won’t have to spend watching the news. Pollsters and pundits will saturate the airwaves, repeating the same gossip you read on Reddit with your first cup of tea. We will hear more, much more, about Bengazi, and deleted e-mails, and none of it will be new. For the next twenty months, it will take five minutes to read the papers.

Think of the entertainment ahead, although it might be hard to top 2012. Remember candidates with binders full of women? Threats to kill Big Bird? Conversations with empty chairs?

We’re off to a good start. Already, we’ve been treated to snarky comments of a few Liberty University students posted on the social media app Yik Yak, during Ted Cruz’s announcement speech.


No drama ahead about birth certificates, since everyone with a chance of making it is white and born in the U.S. Wait! Ted Cruz was born in Canada!

If the finals come down to Clinton and Bush, maybe we can save taxpayer money by re-using ballots.

Let’s spice things up and take bets on how much will be spent by whom, and then follow up in 2017 to see who gets what.

Confused by all the players? Don’t miss this CNN spoof on the “Too Many Cooks”  show. Unlike me, it’s equally mean to all candidates.

Happy Easter, Passover, or whatever you celebrate. May we relax our attachment to the internet, especially now as Presidential drama dominates. We can turn off without missing anything, and carouse the old fashioned way.

Cheers —


What’s your take on our lengthy Presidential election process? Have any favorite 2012 election moments?


  • It’s all just started here in England, though procedures are not quite so seemingly interminable, despite being equally tedious. Interestingly, the one political figure – he’s primarily a writer and entertainer – who’s saying anything different and getting a lot of attention among young people, is one advocating revolution and also not voting in our sham democracy.


  • Don’t forget we’ll be perpetually hearing “I like Indiana” and “I don’t like Indiana.” And once again thanks to your intellect, I learned a new word, Ostara. Happy weekend to you, whatever it is you’re celebrating. For me, it’s just great to be alive. ❤


  • I love following politics in the news even though it drives me nuts. Guess that makes me a masochist? I spend most of the time muttering about the hypocrisy, the lack of cooperation across party lines, and Congress’s inability to get anything done, and then I rehash it all to my family over dinner. They enjoy that. 😉


    • Not a sadist, right? Always get those two mixed up. If you’re rehashing over dinner though, that might qualify as sadism. Truly, how can we resist? All that money! All those Super Bowl-quality ads. All that nasty, gossip-worthy behavior. May our families survive campaign 2016.


  • The Scribbler is sounding a bit cynical in the Playhouse today.

    And when it is time to celebrate spring don’t forget Nauryz (nuh-roos). It was the big event of the year in Kazakhstan, which makes sense if you ever lived through a Kazakh winter. Everybody got the day off from work if it fell on a weekday, but oddly enough everyone had to then work the following Saturday to make up for it. The Kazakhs clearly have not bought into our American ways of celebrating the true spirit of holidays with 3 day weekends and big sales events at the mall.


    • You have opened a treasure trove. “Nauryz,” a holiday remnant from pagan ancestors when they honored natural cults. Equivalents in India (Lori – the last day of cold winter). in Egypt Jam en-Nessim, in Israel Tu bi-shvat, the season of rain, in Iceland is Sumarsdag. Nauryz is not religious, just for fun. Except for the part about having to make up for in the following the weekend. You must miss those days in old Kazakhstan. (Me? Cynical?)


  • I agree with the students – this is sooooo embarrassing for not just them but the whole country! But this being Good Friday, I’m going to play nice.


  • hand it to Clinton and save a helluva lot of time, money and nonsense..maybe the campaign is exciting for Americans but it bores the hell out of the 94% rest of us


    • Right? Are we all five-year-olds? But no, we must suffer through months of excruciating excoriation of Clinton, and honestly, there’s a chance she might lose to a Bush. Let us be like the British and get it over and done with. Cut off the windbags and the big spenders. For the next few months, US readers will have to pick up a copy of the Straits Times if they want to know what’s going on in the world.


  • Yikes! Had to look up Yik Yak. That’s scarier to me than the upcoming election campaigns. Just what we need, more ways to be cruel, judgmental, and insulting to our fellow human beings.
    No big celebration at our house this weekend. Now that the Boy is grown, that Easter Bunny doesn’t bother to show up here, and we aren’t religious. I’m happy to welcome Spring, though!

    Happy Springtime to you.


  • Thank you. Guess that’s one thing we can thank Ted Cruz for: introducing us to Yik Yak. I too, was blissfully unaware. Happy Spring to you.


  • I am looking forward to the entertainment and kicking it off with Ted Cruz well, that was just perfect in a scary/funny sort of way.
    Loved the video!
    My dream would be to somehow make Bernie Sanders 20 years younger.


  • We’ll always remember Mitt Romney’s pledge to cut funding to PBS. If there ever were a surefire way to turn the younger (as in pre-teen) demographic against you, this is it. It gave us all a chance to try our hands at puppet making and take a road trip Maine to DC for the Million Puppet March Rally.


      • It happen just days after Hurricane Sandy, so the turnout (understandably) was pretty light. We had already made the plans to go, so we rode out the storm in Connecticut and continued onward. In the end though, we all had a blast, and participating in a march / rally was a great way to introduce the kids to the Capitol 🙂

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