A Door and a Former Door

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Door.”

Why are there so many doors in my photographs?


U.S. Supreme Court

Riddle Ranch, Malheur Wildlife Refuge
Tombstone, Jim Morrison of “The Doors,” Paris


  • I saw Jim Morrison’s grave in Paris years ago. It’s quite the shrine for some people. They hang out there, drinking beer, etc. Not sure if they still do.

    Great pics. 🙂


      • I too went to see his grave, and the bust of his head and shoulders was still there back then. Chipped a bit, but it was clearly him. Oscar Wilde’s is not far away from it as I recall. I think it is beautiful cemetery, with many ‘doors’ on mausoleums too. Great photos *smiles*.

        – s.u.t.Cloud

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  • I remember walking through Pere la Chaise in Montmartre and seeing all these graffitied signs saying ‘Jim’ and an arrow, I had no idea. When I got to Jim, there were a dozen or so folks slouched and smoking and just hanging out. It is a door, of sorts – great photos and perfect for the theme. Enjoy your week.


  • There is something powerfully alluring about an aesthetically pleasing doorway, and I feel I could almost choose a home based on my appreciation of its entrance alone. Guadalajara is my favourite of those above, although probably weather-worn and aged Welsh Oak, with no metal ornamentation, would win the day for me every time. I seem to be almost alone amongst your readers in not having visited Jim Morrison’s grave.

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    • Visiting that cemetery was like going on a scavenger hunt. We got a list of famous people buried there (many only have temporary status and are moved out after 300 years), and then wandered around and try to find them, arguing about whether or not we were lost and whether or not my husband should be allowed to use the GPS on his iPhone. Jim Morrison is THE destination for some, but for most just one of many. Highest entertainment: Oscar Wilde’s, whose private parts disappeared and who has lipstick painted on. So many wanted to rub his memorial, there’s a plastic protector. The most moving? Maybe Chopin.

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      • Chopin gave the world hugely more than either of the other two in my opinion. I hope he has permanent residential status there; although perhaps what remains of eternity (however long that is) spent in Poland might be a nice idea after all?

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  • Doors are so inviting. They draw our attention and can welcome us to a new environment. Loved all your pics. But the barn is spectacular Julia. Such a clear, crisp day. Gorgeous! 🙂


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