Gun Control. Yep.

I know, I know, speaking up for gun control means opposing people who are armed, including a subset of psychopaths who might decide to shoot me.  Admittedly, that risk is remote — although we just hosted the fourth school shooting in our state since 1998, so not infinitely remote.

Gun fever here burns bright. One of our legislators, a gun-owning former prosecutor, was recently on the verge of a recall vote because he sponsored a background check law.  If someone like him struggles to tighten up laws, why even try?

After this week’s bloodletting, however, I’m ready to sound off, and so should the majority of Americans who agree. The psychopaths can’t shoot all of us. It’s time to:

  1. Track gun sales. 65% of US citizens agree.
  2. Ban automatic and semi-automatic weapons. 58% US citizens in favor. These guns are not for self-protection or hunting. These have one purpose: to kill people. They are also thrilling. I suspect automatic-weapon-high is one reason many fight to keep them.
  3. Ban assault-style weapons. 55% favor.
  4. Ban high capacity ammunition clips. 54% favor.

The Second Amendment is not under threat. Want a gun to protect your family from robbers? Great. Fearful of the federal government? Bogus. Assault weapons are tinker toys when up against a soldiers in Ohio or Nevada with joysticks and drones. Hunters — buy whatever rifles you want, as long as they don’t spray bullets.

Police in Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Iceland and New Zealand don’t even carry guns.

If you haven’t seen this, here’s balm for the disheartened, courtesy of Australian stand-up comedian Jim Jeffries (if the link doesn’t work click here):

For those brave enough to fight for a ban on automatic weapons, bravo. Here’s my support, commitment and vote in favor.


  • Hear hear. To think a legislator was close to a recall vote because he sponsored a background check law is crazy. And as you point out, there is no need for an average citizen to own a semi-automatic or automatic weapon. I’ve got a list of some gun control organizations I’m going to check out. Maybe if we all start signing petitions the majority voice could be heard.

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  • J. B., thanks for the Aussie poke! You inspired me to read dissenting case position from Stevens et al, from a NY’er link. the first part of the Stevens piece is accessible enough to this non legal mind. It leaves me in the dust in the subsections and case references. Very humbling to slog through. It riles me that I’ve seen casual references, taken out of context, to make points that seem to oppose their intended meaning. Thank you for the nudge.

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    • I’ll try to have a look at it too. Sometimes it seems like all legal (and IRS) documentation is purposefully dull. Better to keep things out of the purview of rabble rousers?


  • Beautifully said, JB–and argument well presented. And I’m sure we can throw a bazillion more statistics at our lawmakers only to see how easily they slide right off their expensive suits. It is ever more depressing, this fight.
    And I can’t imagine anyone has said it with more of a powerful punch than Jim Jeffries. He’s brilliant on the subject.

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  • Your thought about protecting the “automatic-weapon-high” is fascinating. It seems there must be something going on here besides calm reasoning. Emotions (on both sides) run high over this issue, which, like so many others, is multifaceted and complex. Americans don’t seem to do complexity very well.

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  • Hilarious and dead on!! I always loved the mentality of having the gun in the safe … what the hell is that about?
    No one and I mean no one outside of a war zone can justify the need for an assault weapon. The 2nd amendment was written when muskets were the big threat … it’s time for a change.

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  • I never understood how a democratic society could ever support the idea of its own militia (why bother then bearing arms?). We assume that ordinary citizens can arm and protect as a community against evil forces..

    I live in Canada’s province which probably has the strongest support for guns. Hey, a former boss at coffee 2 wks. ago happily described her feminine looking daughter as having the balls to go deer hunting with her father..


    You have to understand other provinces, see Alberta as just abit owning more guns than other areas in Canada.

    Still the U.S., is abit extreme to us..and quite paranoid..

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    • Hunting, okay, fine. For food, conservation, learning about wildlife. I get that. But not automatic weapons. Yeah, Alberta has a right-ish reputation, even down in the state.


  • I’m from the UK but I closely follow the developments in the US related to weapons, and I think this is one of the most realistic things I’ve read regarding possible legislation. Really enjoyed the post 🙂


  • The British played the gun game more sensibly than US lawmakers. How, I wonder, do they maintain their perspective? Maybe it’s partly from watching the silliness that goes on here. Many wave the flag and the constitution, but, we all know that when it comes down to it, this has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. People like guns. Guns give you a powerful feeling. It’s hard to change feelings tied to power and a sense of righteousness — but, as the British demonstrate, not impossible. Cheers, and thanks for the visit —


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