It’s a race on Thursday mornings between unofficial glass gathering and official pickup by the paid service.


Fine with me. Much of the glass collected by official recyclers ends up crushed for roadbeds or dumped; so, Sir, have at it.


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  • In our Portland condo everyone set out the deposit worthy bottles separate from the bin of regular glass just so the middle of the night glass harvesters could do it quietly without having to rattle through the full bin. The 5 cent deposit has not kept up with inflation for sure. That plus the fact that one has to deal with the slow and annoying bottle return machines now make it not worth your time to return them.

    In Boise one has to pay extra $ per month in order to get a glass recycle bin. Seemed crazy, but a friend who works for the city says there is no market for glass in Boise, and that all the glass just gets dumped in a HUGE pile out on some property near the sewage treatment plant.

    I was told by a highway engineer friend that the crushed glass as a roadbed idea doesn’t work well for some reason, or at least it can only absorb a tiny amount of all the glass available. But here in Austin TX this week I have noticed crushed and tumbled glass being used as a decorative ground cover, in place rock or gravel. Perhaps one could use sharp-edged crushed glass as a decorative yard edge in wars with annoying neighbor kids. 🙂

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    • The Chinese are getting rich enough they won’t recycle glass for practically free anymore. Brilliant idea — to presort returnables. It is not worth taking them to the central facilities. Better to let a specialist (above) handle them.

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