Optimism and Eastern Oregon

To Harney County ranchers and the people who live in Burns:

Thank you for keeping your cool these past few weeks. The ‘standoff’ isn’t over, but leaders are in custody, and hopefully the rest will leave peacefully. We mourn loss of life, but it wasn’t Waco, or Ruby Ridge, and we have you to thank as well as law enforcement officials.

Blackneckedstilt 2012 regali.IMG_8278.jpg
Black-necked stilt, Krumbo Reservoir
Diamond Hotel, near the Hammond Ranch of recent fame. Fantastic food. Fall asleep to the song of great horned owls, wake to snipes and swallows.


Diamond in April
Scribbler with ranch hounds.

Out-of-staters may try again to resurrect range wars, but you’ve made it clear, it takes a lot more than a few hotheads to derail eastern Oregonians. Kudos, and thank you for welcoming city folks like us, year after year, to this spectacular place.



More great photos for this week’s challenge:Optimistic


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