Moonlight Sonata

New goal: to be able to sit down and play the piano, without music, at whatever rest home I (probably) end up at. Hopefully there will be a piano.

This is a step down, I know, from my former goal, which was to be a thought leader.

Not that this new goal is any more attainable. My mind goes blank when I play in front of people. This is a lifetime affliction. Hopefully, future fellow residents will be kind and patient. Or deaf.

I’ve memorized 8 pieces so far.

I mean it about my mind going blank. Even my husband listening can stop me cold. He’s retired, so practice is tricky. Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata took nine months. A full human gestation. Started it the morning after the last presidential election (guess why). Alone, I can play it with eyes closed. Only a few mistakes.

Since playing in front of people makes my hands shake, hair of the dog, right? I need to practice in public. Voila. 2 pianos appeared this summer in downtown Eugene, Oregon, where I live, courtesy of the city.

If you live in a city, you’re probably seeing pianos around. Poor things. Out in the weather. Out of tune. Abused by any old anyone who wants to bang on them. It’s a thing these days, donating pianos to public spaces.

Anyway, one is by the library. It is almost always in use. Many of my friends go to the library, and the chances are high someone I know would see me.

The second, however, is near the city concert hall, in a big space that’s mostly empty.

Maybe busking was part of my past life. Not that I believe in past lives.

Please play me, it says.

I’ve played that piano three times now. People stop and listen, and I mess up. Everyone who’s stopped, so far, plays piano themselves. Mostly they are waiting their turn.

It’s nice to do something that requires deep concentration, reveals the state of one’s mind (sharp or forgetful?). It feels productive.

So, in honor of lofty goals and coincidentally —as my friend Heather calls it — the apoc-eclipse …

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 9.50.37 PM.png
Eclipse Watchers, here early

,,,  here is not me playing Moonlight Sonata.

Thank you Clive Darra for the lovely photo of the moon. 

Hello to friends at WordPress Weekly Challenge:Ooh, Shiny!


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