Author Bio, Pt. II: Applying Helen Jones’ (totally not serious) Formula

For those of you with nothing better to do and still following along, the last post featured Helen Jones’ solution to the gnarly problem of author’s bios.

Here’s Helen’s Mad Libs-inspired bio-generator:

(your name) was born (time, place) and grew up in (place, dimension etc)learning to (do something odd). They left (your birthplace) for (a far flung destination) where they (did something amazing)(your name) now lives in (somewhere fabulous and unusual) with their (living companions). When not writing bestselling novels, (your name) likes to (do some sort of unusual and creative hobby).

Bio-generator applied:

Julia Whitmore was born in a fog-laden age in Seattle and grew up amongst dripping firs in Portland, Oregon, hiding behind corners, learning to record intimate conversations and deepest thoughts of Others. She left her beloved Portland for D.C. and Boston to toil in towers powered by mind-numbing boredom, where money is made by many and collected by few. There she learned to distill mystical epistles into the language of her birth. Julia now lives with her husband in a hideaway surrounded by birches and espaliered apple trees. When she’s not writing bestselling novels, she collects missives from her wandering children like nectar into honeydew, writes songs, treks the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness and weaves between rush-hour traffic on her bicycle.


Feel free to post your bio below, with a link to your blog.  You never know. This could be the bio that leads to your breakthrough. And do me a favor. Stop by Helen’s “Journey to Ambeth” and say hi for me. I owe her one. 



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