How to stop automatically uploading your photos to Google Drive

Yesterday I posted about the end of a hair-pulling session in which I tried in vain for a long time to figure out how to get my photos to stop uploading from iPhotos to the Google Drive storage system.

Here is the solution. I wish I could say it was my brilliant detective work that found the key. It wasn’t.

Whenever I have an irresistible desire to ask my husband whether or not to publish a post, it usually means the post probably shouldn’t be published, so I rarely ask for input. Such was the case here.

Soon after I pushed the fateful button he read the post and then asked in the kindest tone to have a look at my laptop.


Within minutes he pointed out an upload icon in the bar along the top of the screen.

In my defense, there is nothing about that icon that says Google.


Click it, here’s what appears:

IMG_0115 2.jpg
There they are, the elusive Google Drive and Google Photo icons.

Click on the three vertical dots on the top right of the menu, and:

See the “Preferences” option? Click on that.


Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 8.26.12 AM.png

Uncheck the box at the bottom of the screen that says upload newly added photos and videos to Google Photos.

Now I’m going outside to enjoy a perfect fall day.

Thank you Mate. You’re the bee’s knees.




  • I can only imagine there is some species of human (or generation, perhaps) to whom the squiggles, squares, circles, dots, rectangles, and indecipherable blobs cluttering the borders of our broswers are understandable. I have double points against me as someone whose brain developed before the age of computers AND who makes her living as a writer. What if that icon had a helpful little label, such as “drive preferences”? Well, then you would have been short two blog posts.

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  • Thank you for this post. I am having issues with something on my new computer making albums for me. Is this what it might be? It’s driving me crazy trying to figure out what is doing it.

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    • I don’t know. Do you use Google Drive to share blog posts or photos? It could be iPhotos. The latest version does create albums without me instructing it to. Look! Trip highlights? Moments at the beach! Wha —? Let me know if you figure it out.

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      • This is a new laptop. I don’t use google drive. iPhotos could be the culprit. If it is and I can put an end to it, I will be forever thankful to you! I will let you know.

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  • Ha! I’m glad you got it figured out, at least! I wondered if you had asked him before you did that first post about this. What would he say to my suggestion to just ditch Google Drive? I think that comes from just wanting to ditch the whole computer some days.

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    • I did ask him, but he doesn’t use Google Drive and recognizes sometimes the diplomatic approach is to let me struggle through on my own. Usually, I figure it out, but bombed this time. Since he doesn’t use Google Drive, so he’d probably agree about dumping it. Younger generation uses it a lot to share documents for Foundation work, and a couple friends use it to share photos, so, when not torturing me, it’s fine.


  • I am a semi-Luddite. I am fine with many computer apps, but I just wish they would quit changing them all the time. I’ve used iPhoto forever, but the newest version gives me fits. Even after I figure out something once it still isn’t easy(or “intuitive”, how I hate that phrase) to do the same thing next time I use iPhoto.. Same with Powerpoint; I had to relearn that about 5 times before I retired and don’t need it anymore.

    Of course an aging brain is not part of my problem!

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