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At my invitation to readers to send photos of your gardens, writer Audrey Kalman linked to a post featuring the lawn her father loved to mow, and her compost worms. Not to be missed, those worms, unless you’re squeamish about annelids. Click here to read her “Gardening into the Apocalypse.”

What is it with men and lawns?

Audrey’s newest book What Remains Unsaid (Sandhill Press) awaits on my kindle. Review to come.

Featured Photo: Grand Canyon, aka the Chasm That Can Swallow Facts,  A. Kalman


  • Thank you so much for featuring and linking. My worms are still doing well (well, I guess they’re not the same worms featured in the post photo, but rather descendants of same…)

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  • Lawns seem to have the ability to elicit strong feelings among some people. I am not one of those people so I can say pretty pic, nice shade of green. And that I’ll look for Audrey’s book. Thanks for the link.


    • My dad was very protective of his lawn! Luckily we lived in New York state in a time when drought was not an issue. Here in California, I’ve ripped out most of my lawn and replaced it with native plants. I’m sure there’s a book in there somewhere about the social history of lawns (or maybe someone has already written it.

      Thanks for checking out my book. It’s available on Amazon. And another one is coming this summer!

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