Ten steps to launch your personal Save the World from Plastic campaign

So let’s get started weaning ourselves from unnecessary plastic.

FIRST: Honor plastic. Yeah it’s cheap and easy to buy, but come on. It’s made from plants and animals who lived a billion years ago. Bow down. It is a gift. Plastic protects medicines, provides lightweight materials for cars, computers, condoms, lawn chairs, coating for electric wires, pool balls, a lot of stuff we need and like. Worship it. Use it like gold or your favorite French perfume.

SECOND: Click this amazing photo series from Atlantic magazine to truly, deeply understand the impact of our thoughtless use of plastic.

THIRD: Yes, I already wrote about bags, but that was six years ago. It’s time to write about them again. Rinsed and cleaned produce bags deserve a spot on your clothes drying rack, right next to the lingerie.

Wash those babies just like you would a fine pair of stockings

FOURTH: How rad are your shopping bags? If you like your bags, you will use them. Make a fashion statement. Net bags do it for me, even though carrots fall out of them. Perfect strangers ask me about mine, and then we talk about how terrible it is to waste plastic.

ripe banana in white knitted bag
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

FIFTH: Talk about plastic. Ask grocers and restaurateurs about it. Bond with friends who revere, cherish and hoard plastic. Complement other people on their reusable shopping bags. They will like you for it. Join the Million Women Fighting Climate Change. They have a sweet article about how to make your own shopping bags.

SIXTH: Keep reusable bags handy, in the car, bike bag, by the door. They are easy to forget.

If you forget though, it’s not like withdrawal from drugs. Treat yourself to some new plastic. Live it up.

SEVENTH: Next time you buy clothes, walk out of the store

adult beautiful elegant eyewear
Do I need these bags? No I do not. (Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com)

with your new togs proudly displayed in your bare hands. You don’t need a bag! It’s amazing.

EIGHTH: Make your own stuff: cookies, bread, kefir, salad dressing, moisturizers (easy recipes coming soon).

NINTH: Stop buying plastic you don’t need. If it’s not in your home, you will not use it, probably won’t miss it and will surprise yourself with how many imaginative ways you can find to live without it. Try living without Saran wrap. Try not lining your trash cans. See how it goes.

TENTH: Stock up on reusable containers. I got a set of glass containers with tight fitting plastic lids from Costco about ten years ago, and use them all the time.

Thank you Costco for the photo.

There you have it. We can turn this ship around.

Have you tried to reduce plastic waste? How’s it going? Have any alternatives, advice, products you really like and want to share? I’m happy to link to your blog or feature you as a guest. Contact me here, or via “Contact Me” in the header of my blog. 

Coming soon: updates on cities, companies and countries eliminating plastic waste, great reusable storage, and recipes!






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