• Hi JBmore,

    Great photos! I assume you took them. The man on the dock looks extremely comfortable. If we could only bottle the feeling and spray it on us from time to time. That would be nice. You have the kind of face that belongs in dappled light on a forest path. Do you live in the forest? I live in the mountains. It is high and dry. The Spanish were up here 600 years ago looking for gold and silver and they found it. I love Mexico for reasons that most gringos don’t understand. It has to do with blood and history and emotion. We are nothing without emotion. I’m big into feelings and you seem the same way. Your comment showed that. Okay, enough intimate ideas. I like your site and as I said earlier, “Good for you!” Fucking plastics, but we must go on…we must go on… Thanks. Duke, a stranger to you and me.

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    • I can see how desert, blood and history make for good home territory. I like to visit such places. For living though, nothing like misty mornings and fog in firs.


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