Person to Watch: Greta Thunberg

Don’t miss this speech given to the UN Climate Change C0P24 Conference by Greta Thunberg.

Last year, Greta started skipping school on Fridays to sit outside the Swedish parliament, holding a sign that said: “School strike for the climate.” She has inspired a worldwide movement of people too young to vote. This month she spoke to the EU leaders at Strasbourg.

Greta is the daughter of Swedish Opera Singer, Malena Ernman, and author/actor Svante Thunberg. Her parents did not support her strike at first. She got the idea when an essay she wrote on climate change was named a winner in a contest by a Swedish newspaper. After the article was published, she was contacted by Bo Thorén of Fossil Free Daisland, and they, along with other activists, brainstormed how to bring more attention to the climate crisis. She got the idea of a school strike idea from the protests by students in Florida, who refused to go to school after the Parkland shootings. She tried to get others to join her. When no one would, she started a school strike by herself.

According to her mother, she has not received any money for her efforts.

Featured image source: Akuppa John Wigham


  • It’s a shame that it has to be the young people to take on this fight. Perhaps because political leaders are afraid to attack them whereas their parents and grandparents are fair game. Just a shame.


  • She came to our city….the heart of oil and economy industry in Alberta for Canada. We’re like Texas.

    I doubt she got huge positive reception because she came in the midst of a time (still happening now) when the municipal budget is being significantly cut ….for a sports arena and a new provincial govn’t was just elected that is quite anti-climate change. There were protestors for action against climate change….but then we haven’t heard much again.

    The area is VERY different politically from Vancouver and Toronto where I did live for quite a number of years in those cities.

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