According to a experts, laughing helps women get pregnant, reduces arterial wall stiffness and increases tolerance for pain. People with a sense of humor live longer — unless they are the ones telling jokes. Comedians live shorter lives than serious people. Here’s a prescription for a mobius-strip cycle of comedic health: Laugh. Tell jokes. Save your best jokes for comedians because they need them the most. When they laugh, they live longer, tell more jokes and thus perpetuate the cycle of pregnancy, pain tolerance and reduced arterial stiffness.

Some of my favorite funny bloggers. Feel free to add links to yours.



Bluefish Way — Señor Ralph lives right, as in living well, in Andalucia, Spain. Just ask his cats. Oh, and he’s single. Judging from the number of women who send him their pictures via the WordPress ‘follow’ button, might not be single for long.



The Byronic Man — Meet the famous Olympic kick-boxer and brain surgeon who inspired the Neo character in “Matrix,” whose mind is so powerful flowers die when he thinks bad thoughts, and who is, according to himself, “just wonderful.” Standup comedian, college professor, relatively new dad, the Byronic Man has it all.



Peak Perspective — YA author and self-professed wishful thinker with a weakness for burly Scotsmen dressed in kilts, calls herself a person whose job is “full bellies and clean underwear,” and manages to make even that sound funny. Complete with original cartoons.



Two on a Rant — Joelle and Vicki share their peeves, and their pets. Sometimes (intentionally) serious, always irreverent. Here the Rants issue an opinion on setting clocks back.


She’s a Maineiac — Recently freshly pressed with her hilarious post “Happy Impending Death Day”



Drinks Well With Others




Life With the Top Down Here’s Life With the Top Down’s argument in favor of engaging four year olds to solve pointless arguments about politics and religion:


Peas and Cougars cougar-banner1


Brain Rants Lots of f bombs. If you’re offended by swearing, don’t visit. Everyone else — this guy’s a genius, as he’ll tell you himself.


The Oatmeal Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings 



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